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Kaare Bursell obtained a degree in Veterinary Science and Medicine at The University of Liverpool, (1966-1971). He worked as a veterinarian in Large Animal Medicine and Surgery from 1972 to 1979 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. He was introduced to macrobiotics and adopted this way of life in November 1975. Discovering the depths of macrobiotics led him to resign from the veterinary profession and move to Boston, Massachusetts in 1979 to study at The Kushi Institute in Brookline. He completed his training at The Kushi Institute, and moved to Berkeley, California in 1981. Soon after, Kaare was introduced to the Anthroposophical Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner, and saw how anthroposophy and macrobiotics enriched each other. Integrating the two, he continued as a student, teacher and cook in person and online, especially studying Steiner’s writings until his death in February of 2020.